The 4 Liposuction Methods (And Why Tumescent Liposuction Surgery Is the Best)

Time, weight fluctuations, gravity, and pregnancy can take a huge toll on your body. In some people, it’s the abdomen that gives ahead of the rest. In others, it’s the buttocks or the thighs that’s first to sag. And, even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, many of these unsightly bulges exist and persist. Is it time to go for a liposuction?

Below is how liposuction is done, depending on the technique used.

Tumescent Liposuction Surgery. Your doctor will inject fluids into the area your doctor will operate on. This area will stiffen and swell, a reaction that serves two purposes. Firstly, the fat for suction becomes easier to separate from the underlying and overlying tissues and muscles. Secondly, you will feel localized numbness. In other words, the fluid serves as a local anesthetic, making anesthesia unnecessary. Because of this, you can stay awake during the procedure and even give cues to your doctor.

The fluid injected contains a mixture of salt water, lidocaine, which is an anesthetic, and epinephrine, which is a drug that makes the blood vessels constrict. The salt water makes it easier to suction the fat out. The anesthetic relieves pain, while the epinephrine keeps blood loss to the absolute minimum.

After the fluid is injected, the surgeon makes a small incision on the skin. This cut is very tiny, and is just wide enough to allow insertion of a small tube called cannula. The cannula is thin – it’s  roughly as thin as the thinnest writing pen. Fat is sucked out of the body via the cannula. This is another advantage of tumescent liposuction surgery. Aside from allowing you to stay awake during the procedure, it minimizes – if not eliminates – blood loss and scarring. In turn, this means lesser swelling and bruising.

Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction. UAL is typically used in combination with tumescent liposuction. UAL can be external or internal. The internal process requires one or two steps, depending on preference. Under a one-step internal method, a metal rod is placed at the cannula’s tip. Under a two-step method, your doctor sticks the rod under your skin. This rod produces ultrasonic energy which ruptures the cell walls of your fats and liquefies it, making removal easy. The latter is more commonly used than the former.

In an externally performed UAL, a device that emits ultrasonic energy is placed outside the body. The energy breaks down fat, which in turn is removed using suction methods.

On the upside, UAL allows smaller incisions and higher precision in contour sculpting. It’s also very useful in removing very dense or fibrous fat. But on the downside, UAL increases surgical risks of nerve damage and skin burns.

Powered Liposuction. Relatively new, powered liposuction makes use of the cannula in a fast back-and-forth motion. This produces a vibration that makes it easier for doctors to pull out dense fat. This method allows for more precise fat removal, especially on small areas like th knee, ankle, or arm. But take note that the procedure is new, and not all doctors can perform it. Moreover, fewer data is available statistically so it’s difficult to gauge for now what the disadvantages are.

Traditional Liposuction. Now that newer techniques are available, few surgeons recommend traditional liposuction – and with good reason, too. For one, it requires use of anesthesia or IV sedation. Moreover, bigger incisions have to be made, to allow a long, thin tube to move under the skin. This tube, which is attached to a device for suction, is what doctors use to manually remove fat. This increases the likelihood of swelling, bleeding, and bruising. And, because incisions are stitched close, scarring is also a definite possibility.

If you want the fastest, safest, and best liposuction method for fat removal, go for tumescent liposuction surgery. It produces permanent and optimal results minus the risks and the dangers. Because it uses cutting-edge technology, precision instruments, smaller and fewer incisions, and localized anesthesia, it’s possible for patients to go back to their usual activities within days.  For more information on Tumescent Liposuction in Dallas, please visit us here.

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Cheap Liposuction – Cheapest Is Not Always Best

Considering cheap liposuction? Think long and hard before going for rock-bottom prices. You may want to keep expenses down, but you should not do it to the detriment of your health.

Recently, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery put out a warning for patients considering cheap liposuction. The quality of safety and care should not be compromised, even in this economic downturn. The national average for the procedure ranges widely, with $2,000 as the cheapest and $10,000 as the most expensive. Board-certified surgeons charge different sums for the same procedure. You will find, though, that their pricing falls within the range of the national average. Not cheap liposuction. Cheap liposuction is performed for a tenth of that price! The procedure becomes even cheaper when performed in back-alley clinics, by people who have no business performing them to begin with.
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If you have been following the news, you may have heard about people dying from the complications of their cosmetic surgery. This is a real threat in liposuction. Remember that surgeries can help and they can harm. They can give rise to all kinds of complications, and one of them is death. This makes your choice of doctors crucial. Do not entrust your body and your health to a doctor you are not entirely sure about. Look at your doctor’s track record. Ask friends who have themselves undergone the procedure for recommendations.

If you need the procedure done on a tight budget, speak to your doctor about your concerns. Tell your doctor what you need done and what you can afford. You will be surprised what a quick chat with your doctor will yield. At the very least, you will know more about the payment options open to you. It’s even possible your doctor can show you how to shave a few hundred dollars off the price.

Interestingly, cheap liposuction need not translate to badly done surgery. As more and more doctors get licensed to perform the procedure, they inevitably find themselves competing for patients. Use this to your advantage. There are doctors who offer their services for a very reasonable fee, so look around and consider all your options before getting the procedure done. Tumescent liposuction, for example, is considerably more inexpensive compared to other procedures. And, depending on the work you need done, who does it, and where you get it done, you may even be able to drive costs further down.

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5 Tips For Getting the Best Liposuction Results

Do you know no two liposuction results are alike? Some are better than others. Then, there are those that wish you had not gotten the procedure in the first place. To make sure you get the best liposuction results from your tumescent procedure, choose your doctor with care. Below are some tips for choosing the right doctor.

1. Do your homework. Any licensed doctor can perform liposuction. But you don’t want any doctor; you want the doctor who ups the safety guarantee for you. So, do your homework. Look for doctors who have specialized training in tumescent liposuction and have performed countless procedures successfully. Remember that even the best-planned of surgeries can have complications. Similarly, even the best-screened patients who are under the care of the best-trained and the most experienced doctors may have complaints.

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2. Beware of advertising. Ads are meant to sell. They have the interest of companies and other individuals in mind; not yours. Do not fall for every ad you see or hear. In particular, be very wary of ads that promise liposuctions so cheap you can’t believe any doctor would agree to get paid that little. Be just as suspicious of ads that promise perfection. Tumescent liposuction, on its own, will not turn you into a raving beauty. What it will do is improve your appearance by removing excess fat.

3. Ask the right questions. When you see a doctor for consultation, do not hesitate to poke your nose into anything that concerns you and your procedure. Ask questions. Ask your doctor to explain what will most likely happen during the procedure, and what you can expect by way of results. Remember, you are paying for a service so you shouldn’t be embarrassed to find out all you can before you fork over the cash.

4. Don’t get pressured. Thinking you have no choice but to undergo tumescent liposuction because you’ve taken up so much of a doctor’s time asking questions about it? Don’t. You are charged for consultations, so don’t feel rushed into making decisions. Go over your options carefully and take your time thinking about it.

5. Don’t decide based solely on costs. Bargains are wonderful. However, your health is not something you would want to bargain on. Don’t pick the doctor who charges the lowest. Instead, factor in the doctor’s expertise, experience, and feedback from clients.

Use the tips above to screen your doctors with care. For the best liposuction results, entrust your body only to a doctor you are sure you can trust.

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