Cheap Liposuction – Cheapest Is Not Always Best

Considering cheap liposuction? Think long and hard before going for rock-bottom prices. You may want to keep expenses down, but you should not do it to the detriment of your health.

Recently, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery put out a warning for patients considering cheap liposuction. The quality of safety and care should not be compromised, even in this economic downturn. The national average for the procedure ranges widely, with $2,000 as the cheapest and $10,000 as the most expensive. Board-certified surgeons charge different sums for the same procedure. You will find, though, that their pricing falls within the range of the national average. Not cheap liposuction. Cheap liposuction is performed for a tenth of that price! The procedure becomes even cheaper when performed in back-alley clinics, by people who have no business performing them to begin with.
what's tumescent liposuction
If you have been following the news, you may have heard about people dying from the complications of their cosmetic surgery. This is a real threat in liposuction. Remember that surgeries can help and they can harm. They can give rise to all kinds of complications, and one of them is death. This makes your choice of doctors crucial. Do not entrust your body and your health to a doctor you are not entirely sure about. Look at your doctor’s track record. Ask friends who have themselves undergone the procedure for recommendations.

If you need the procedure done on a tight budget, speak to your doctor about your concerns. Tell your doctor what you need done and what you can afford. You will be surprised what a quick chat with your doctor will yield. At the very least, you will know more about the payment options open to you. It’s even possible your doctor can show you how to shave a few hundred dollars off the price.

Interestingly, cheap liposuction need not translate to badly done surgery. As more and more doctors get licensed to perform the procedure, they inevitably find themselves competing for patients. Use this to your advantage. There are doctors who offer their services for a very reasonable fee, so look around and consider all your options before getting the procedure done. Tumescent liposuction, for example, is considerably more inexpensive compared to other procedures. And, depending on the work you need done, who does it, and where you get it done, you may even be able to drive costs further down.

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